U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCIS is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. We are 19,000 government employees and contractors working at more than 200 offices across the world. USCIS upholds America’s promise as a nation of welcome and possibility with fairness, integrity, and respect for all we serve.


Champion People – In Service to the Public 
People are at the heart of our mission – from USCIS employees to the people we serve. We value our employees and empower them to bring their best selves to USCIS, in service to the public and the USCIS mission. When people of all backgrounds are valued, heard, and respected in an inclusive manner, the nation reaps the reward. 

Uphold Integrity – Honor of Character and Action
Integrity is the foundation for trust and strengthens the American public’s confidence in the immigration system. USCIS maintains the highest professional standards in the decisions we make, the processes we create, and the relationships we build. We achieve excellence by vigilantly carrying out the USCIS mission. 

Foster Collaboration – Moving Forward Together 
Strong teams build strong organizations that deliver quality results. Creativity and innovation are cultivated when employees feel confident proposing new ideas, giving and receiving feedback, and collaborating with colleagues, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. The success of our mission is tied to the quality of our partnerships and teamwork. 

Advance Opportunity – The Future Depends on What We Do Today 
At USCIS, we believe that every task we face is an opportunity to promote career development, inclusivity, and equity. We are committed to growing the talents of our employees to serve our mission, our nation, and those who seek to reunify with their families, contribute their talents, seek refuge, or become our newest U.S. citizens. 

Services Provided

Legal Services

  • Contract Review

Libraries and Research

  • Business Research Resources
  • Demographic/Census Data

Public Policy and Government Relations

  • City Business Issues
  • State Business Issues
  • Native-American Business

Regulatory Compliance

  • Government Requirements
  • Certification
Contact Information
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