Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

LISC WNY focuses on Neighborhood Livability, Housing, Income and Wealth Building, and Neighborhood Business. We support these local initiatives by providing Nonprofit Support and Coaching for on-the-ground organizations and community leaders.


Mission & Strategy

LISC WNY works regionally with partners to bring local neighborhood ideas to life; creating great places to live, work and raise a family for all. 


We envision a region where residents are connected to their communities and can plan to stay there. A place where community residents build wealth through good jobs and entrepreneurship. A place where community residents drive action to improve their neighborhoods because they feel a sense of ownership and empowerment. Where neighborhoods have strong and responsive community organizations, driven by residents’ needs and ideas.

Values That Guide Us

Co-creation and partnershipCollective impactCommunity residents and leaders know neighborhood needs bestEntrepreneurial spiritRacial and economic equityAnti-displacementTeamwork, trust, and mutual supportCreativity and optimism

Services Provided

Economic and Site Development

  • Revitalization (Specialty)
  • Economic Forecast (Specialty)
  • Economic Development (Specialty)

Business Planning

  • Business Succession Planning (Specialty)
  • Diversification (Specialty)
  • Business Plan Consulting (Specialty)
  • Feasibility Studies (Specialty)
  • Demographic and Census Data (Specialty)
  • Forming a Business (Specialty)
  • Market Research (Specialty)

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Budget, Financial Statement and Cash Flow Training (Specialty)
  • Loans (Specialty)
  • Debt Funding (Specialty)
  • Government Funding (Specialty)
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping (Specialty)
  • Grant Funding (Specialty)

Human Resources, Workforce and Talent

  • Workforce Training (Specialty)
  • Leadership/Professional Development (Specialty)
  • Industry (Specialty)

Libraries and Research

  • Business Research Resources (Specialty)
  • Demographic/Census Data (Specialty)


  • One-on-One Counseling (Specialty)

Networking and Associations

  • Demographically Based (Specialty)
  • Geographically Based (Specialty)
  • Home Based (Specialty)
  • Small Business/General (Specialty)

Public Policy and Government Relations

  • African-American Business (Specialty)
  • City Business Issues (Specialty)
  • Hispanic Business (Specialty)
  • State Business Issues (Specialty)
  • LGBTQIA Business Issues (Specialty)
  • Native-American Business (Specialty)
  • Small Business Policy (Specialty)
  • Women’s Business Issues (Specialty)

Starting a Business

  • Business Research Resources (Specialty)
  • Feasibility Studies (Specialty)
  • Forming a Business (Specialty)
  • Startup Business Counseling (Specialty)
  • Startup Classes (Specialty)

Technical Assistance

  • Virtual Consulting and Online Services (Specialty)
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training (Specialty)


  • Online Courses and Videos (Specialty)
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training (Specialty)
  • Budget, Cash Flow and Financial Statements Training (Specialty)
  • Business Management Training (Specialty)
  • Business Plan Training and Assistance (Specialty)
  • Marketing Plan Training (Specialty)
  • Startup Classes (Specialty)

Events and Community Building

  • Pitch Events (Specialty)
  • Neighborhood Fairs and Festivals (Specialty)
Contact Information
Tyra Johnson Hux
1035 Broadway Street
Suite 423
Buffalo, NY 14212